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We are located in Francisville Subdivision near Antipolo City, on the outskirts of Manila. When you enter the subdivision the road starts to climb to the top until you reach our Center. We are able to overlook the whole city of Manila.



Letter from the Base Director


A year that marks fifty two years since 'Youth With A Mission' began. But  the vision of waves of young people moving purposely up onto the shores of the world and moving inland predates 1960.

We are told in Galatians 4:4 - "When the time had fully come..." Times have significance. Faithful man's waiting for the promised Messiah was over. Our Heavenly Father sent His only Son in accordance with his word - 'when the time had fully come', when what needed to happen had come to pass, it was time for God's promises to be fulfilled.


The Year 1960: Loren tried to make sense of God's leadings that he'd been laying up in his mind. He decided to travel around the world. It was the awfulness of man's condition without God, experienced at the funeral pyre of an Indian teenager, killed in a knife fight near his hotel, which penetrated deep into Loren's soul. He listened to the hopeless wailing of the family who'd lost their child, smelled the burning flesh as the boy was cremated. Loren was impressed with a great urgency for the Gospel to be preached.

When Loren returned, his friends sensed his detachment and enquired of him what was going on. It was then that Loren spoke out what was upon his heart. He gave expression to his yearning to bring a challenge to youth that could be channeled to mission, a challenge of rugged evangelism, not sight seeing. This was a challenge not to just one denomination but to the whole church, not to one nation but to all nations heeding thecall,  because 'There's so much you can do to make a difference out there.' Loren's burden for youth raised up and released to carry the gospel became a burden recognized and shared. When they heard Loren explain his vision their response was "Let's do it!"

YWAM' small but timely beginning and after 52 years with enormous repercussions.


Liliosa Plaza

Liliosa's Facebook

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Information about the City

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